Kyle Minors

Since the launch of the first iPhone, I’ve been fascinated by apps. I knew straight away that I was looking at the future, and that I wanted to be building a part of that future.

I started with the basics; HTML, CSS and Javascript. Before I’d finished high school I was taking clients and building websites, blowing people away with my work ethic and ambition.

Over the next several years I started experimenting with languages like Java and PHP, looking to take the next step. I finally knuckled down while at university and learnt Swift and Xcode to begin developing iOS apps. It went pretty well; I won business competitions, got invited to meetups and functions and was able to make a living beyond two minute noodles. Shortly into my enterprises as an iOS developer, I discovered Facebook’s shiny new language React, and the mobile version React Native. I was blown away.

React and React Native are now my primary languages, giving me the ability to build incredible web and native apps in the same language, and leveraging all my other development skills.

This approach has seen me build small, scalable apps and dive into the world of AR development.

While I’m not developing apps I’m rock climbing, hiking, surfing or paragliding.

Me in Tasmania.