Why did I choose WordPress?

I’m a React and React Native developer. This means I build custom web and mobile apps, often solving complex problems and coding almost entirely in JavaScript.

It seems a bit silly, and, dare I say, lazy of me, to then create my personal website with a blogging engine like WordPress. This article outlines the reasons I chose to run with WordPress, and will hopefully help you make your own decision when you need to.


One alternative that appealed to me the most was Butter CMS, to the point where I was experimenting with the free trial. I quickly realised the only advantage of Butter CMS was that it meant I was coding in React. As I spent more time on it,  I quickly realised I was using React for tasks it wasn’t built for, and could be spending ten dollars per month with WordPress rather than hundreds with Butter CMS + React. I’m an early stage entrepreneur, not an idiot (laughs ironically).


Love it or hate it, there isn’t much you can’t do with WordPress. With the WP API there is even more you can do with it. Reading around the interweb and watching YouTube videos showed me how WordPress has and continues to evolve, making itself the most popular blogging engine for a reason. A specific example is how easy it was to embed my Instagram profile. With React, I needed to use the Instagram API, which still didn’t automatically display my entire profile. Rather than engineering a solution which is frankly frustrating, I just selected the widget, linked my profile to it and boom. Content.

Furthermore, with the WordPress app I can edit and upload posts from my iPad or phone, just as smoothly as from desktop. I’m a huge “productivity in strange places” person, so that is a huge deal for me.


I like to leverage expertise. Some people don’t, they like to forge their own path from the beginning. That’s fine, I just think it’s a waste of free knowledge. There are SO many resources, tutorials and experts out there who are making a profit on WordPress, and their knowledge is out there for free. I think it’s insane to ignore that in favour of less proven systems that are ultimately less efficient.


I like to base myself in established practices, get a feel for it and then innovate. I think WordPress is the most effective way to do this, at least in 2018.

And so…

I went with WordPress. It’s tried and true, easy to set up and gives me plenty of room to grow. For those that are interested, you will be able to see how I tweak the blog over the next year and experiment with what can be done with WordPress.

Thanks for reading!


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